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Pretend kitchen

ok so we really aren’t ready tohook it up yet, but it sure was fun to play pretend today. Propane guy comes next week to take a look and help us set it up safely. Plywood comes next…

Now if I could just get a handle on my allergies… whew! I sure am happy the sun is out, but with it comes the trees and flowers starting to bloom early.


and so it begins…

Today we visited Portland Rebuild Center. Can I just say how much I love this place! The whole thing is donated recycled building materials. From screws, wood, to tub, stoves tops and full cabinet sets. We left today having only spent $110 for a glass top gas stove top($75), granite counter top slab ($10), and a cabinet for them both ($25). Doesn’t get any better than that!

Wayne (Super-Chief)

 The Bus (AKA Wayne) is a 1972 GMC Skoolie. Wayne is 35 feet long and propane powered. All seats except the drivers seat have been removed already so our first task is to put in the new floor after initial cleanup and patching. We see this as building a home and hope you can build (and grow) along with us. To make the transformation from “Bus” to RV happen we have to have completed install and inspection of permanent cooking and sleeping facilities, this “simple” first step will give us the ability to be on the road at anytime. We plan to grow that “RV” into a home, we can take with us. I guess here I will place a wish list:

Items needed:

  • Hardwood flooring (so much cleaner than carpet)
  • Plywood (Flooring base)
  • generator (to power….everything)
  • stove (propane cooking is prefered)
  • fridge (more research needed on best option here)
  • shower (many options here )
  • bathroom sink/counter (depends on plumbing options)
  • kitchen cabinet/sink
  • rv/motorhome couch w/seatbelts
  • holding tanks ,fresh, grey, black (plus fittings and attachments)
  • roof a/c
  • pumps (for water)
  • deep cycle batteries (for boondocking)
  • solar panels (also for boondocking)
  • roof rack for top of bus storage
  • rv ladder
  • compressor (great to power tools)
  • toilet
  • framing wood
  • thin insulation
  • gps

Thank for reading!

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