First Stop

Well in true Oregon style it rained for the first two days we are on the road. Let me start by telling you that camping in the cold wet rain isn’t as fun as it might sound.

Our first stop was at Beverly Beach State Park on the Oregon Coast between Newport and Florence. Once the rain stopped it was really such a beautiful park. I would highly recommend this park to anyone traveling. It’s bathrooms were clean and the showers were hot. The price was great and the site was just off the beach. Can’t ask for more than that… well maybe no rain.

First breakdown…. now let me say that if you go back and forth about removing the heating unit while converting your school bus, JUST DO IT. The mess will be far less expensive than one once everything is done. Period.

Next stop family in Coos Bay. Such a wonderful visit with my Aunt and cousins. Great meals and fantastic place to park. So thankful for the time spent and the wonderful hosts. Miss you all. xoxoxo


Launch time..

Well the time has come to say farewell to the town my babies were born. It’s bitter sweet… excited for the new adventure, sad for the friends we will be leaving behind. Much love to those we will leave behind and those to which we have not yet met.

As I always say… never goodbye, just a see you later.

Long time no post…

Wow it’s been awhile since my last post. Lots has happened. The twins turned 3, the bus has floors, walls, bunks for the kids, a closet that will turn into a bathroom someday, a sink, and a kitchen area. I being optimistic (or nieve) thinks we will be able to complete the project and be on the road before the 1st of September. I so desperately need to be out of this house we live in…

The kids are excited, we are all excited for hitting the open road.